The profession of Chartered Accountant in Paris

The benefit of up-to-date accounting is the starting point for steering your business, making important decisions and protecting you from year-end shocks.

We are the linchpin to follow your accounts permanently, to ensure the flows and declarations, to alert you if necessary and to follow up if necessary.

The chartered accountant in Paris is a trusted advisor who accompanies the manager and secures the company’s future with “tailor-made” services adapted to the situation of each one.

Our offers for your company, mastered exercises :

Bookkeeping Offer

Entries booking and monthly reconciliations, filing, tax returns and year-end financial statements. The analysis of the balance sheet and the actions to be taken are done in consultation with you during annual or periodic meetings, depending on your choice.

Offer Revisions

If you have an in-house accountant who manages data entry and follow-up, we are at your disposal for tax declarations, the preparation of your financial statements and the analysis of your balance sheet and the relevant actions to be taken.

Tools Offer

Complementary to the Revisions offer, we set up with our partner Sage software perfectly integrated with our platform to facilitate a collaborative work between your accounting department and us, or to allow a more effective serene management of your activity offering a better quality of services to your customers.

Social Support Offer

  • Assistance in managing your most valuable asset: your employees
  • Payroll management and entry of pay slips, 
  • Hiring (DPAE) and departure formalities, including in the event of breach of contract.

Legal Support Offer

  • Drafting of formalities relating to the AGM
  • Maintenance of mandatory records
  • Filing of documents at the clerk's office of the commercial court.

Administrative and Insurance Support Offer

Eunomia Admin is the entity that allows you to unload everything (quotes, invoices, expense reports and more) to let you manage the most important thing for your business: time!

Eunomia Assur is the ORIAS-registered insurance entity that allows you to cover all your insurance needs (personal, property and business) by constantly adjusting the coverage needed to your evolution.

Established in Paris (75), we assist companies in their accounting and management of their social obligations. Our services guarantee a serious and reassuring accounting follow-up in Paris throughout your accounting period, in addition we offer you a serene social management and an adapted legal support.

Keeping and revising your accounts, a controlled exercise

We take care of your accounting in Paris and your financial statements in a regular and followed through way. In order to keep this part under control, we liaise with you every month to collect and classify your documents before posting them. At the end of the year we review your accounts and prepare the necessary financial and tax statements.

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We carry out monthly data entry and reconciliations to identify and review with you any missing accounting documents. Located in Paris, our office is accessible to facilitate this exchange and follow-up. At the end of the year, we prepare and validate with you the necessary closing entries as well as your financial statements, tax returns and necessary declarations. We meet with you at the end of the year to summarize the past year.

How to choose the right tools?

Our accounting firm in Paris has an IT partner also based in Paris with whom we can see together which tools and solutions will be the most suitable for you. We will be able to define the processes that will allow you to make the most of the tools offered: issuing invoices, bookkeeping. We offer you a complete assistance to help you choose and use the tools that will allow you to manage your business and offer a better quality of service to your customers.

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Too often this aspect is neglected. Yet it is fundamental. You have a project and an offer. You know which customers you want to approach. But have you thought about how you will manage your business ? What will be your processes for your business. How will you invoice? How will you keep your accounts? Manage your tax returns and vat? The state supports business creation but the obligations remain. It is important to define the tools and processes that will allow you to manage the key processes: management of your invoice, integration into your accounting in Paris, monitoring of your expenses, reconciliation with your bank accounts.

Is serene payroll management possible?

Payroll is a key point in the relationship between the employer and the employees, and is of strategic importance for the company. Subject to changes in legislation, payroll management requires continuous monitoring of social and tax issues to avoid errors. We also take into account the calculation of variable elements of the payroll: holidays, work stoppages, seniority… Our accounting firm in Paris has all the necessary skills to ensure a serene payroll management.

We take care of all the steps related to your employees: integration and contracts, establishment of the payroll, follow-up of URSSAF and complementary, management of the departure (balance of all accounts, procedures, etc.)

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Eunomia Audit’s support also covers the formalities related to the hiring or departure of employees. This involves, in particular, the pre-employment declarations (DPAE), the establishment of employment contracts and the affiliations with the various funds. Your chartered accountant in Paris also takes care of calculating severance pay for employees, including in the event of a breach of contract.

Since 2017, companies have had to transmit their periodic social declarations by remote transmission, via the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN) protocol. This tax package then allows the administration to determine the amount of taxes to be paid. However, as the legislative framework changes regularly, the preparation of tax returns is a delicate exercise. Therefore, your chartered accountant in Paris intervenes to guarantee the respect of the rules of calculation of the contributions and to protect your company from possible litigations.

What are our legal secretariat missions?

Our accounting firm in Paris can take care of certain legal formalities related to the life of companies. Whatever the legal status of the company, a certain number of rules, in terms of content and form, must be respected. In addition to the accounting records, the company must provide the mandatory records related to its legal status. Our legal and accounting support in Paris, throughout the process, ensures the validity of the legal follow-up.

We mobilize our accounting expertise to prepare the annual accounts and the management report. This step allows us to take stock of the company’s activity and to highlight the performance indicators.

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This is particularly true of the annual general meeting, a key moment in the life of the company. The shareholders are convened to validate the company’s accounts and to decide on the allocation of profits.

The single personnel register, the single risk assessment document and the register of general meetings must be kept up to date. The proceedings and decisions taken by the partners are recorded in the minutes, signed at the end of the general meeting. Once approved, the company’s annual accounts must be filed with the clerk of the commercial court.

How can we save time with our administrative secretariat?

The accounting management of a company can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially for a sole proprietorship. To facilitate the daily accounting, your chartered accountant in Paris offers an administrative secretarial service. In concrete terms, we take care of processing estimates, invoices and expense reports related to your company’s activity. The time thus freed up can be devoted to your core business.

We can also take care of all your needs in property and personal insurance through our subsidiary Eunomia Assur. The integration of the insurance and accounting parts allows, in addition to the direct processing of documents and withdrawals without the need to manage two service providers, to ensure the evolution of your insurance to that of your activity and your needs.

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Our service can also cover the monitoring of customers and suppliers. Indeed, a serious follow-up of the “customers” item is the condition for an optimal cash management. In liaison with you, your chartered accountant in Paris will monitor sales and invoices, including collection on the due dates.

Are you looking for a chartered accountant in Paris? Contact our team to define your needs, we will be happy to answer you.