Judicial and Forensic Expertise

Nicolas Inglesakis is registered on the list of legal experts of the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence in the categories “data analysis” and “management expertise”.

The judicial expert is a legal or natural person who intervenes on the order of a judge to enlighten him on a question of fact which requires a technical opinion.

Judicial expertise requires the utmost impartiality and, above all, the principle of adversarial proceedings, which guarantees the interests of the parties and contributes to the quality of the magistrates’ conclusions in full knowledge of the facts.

Our "Expert" Offers

Assistance on file

Accompaniment to meetings as technical advisor when a judicial expertise has been ordered, review of the opposing documents, analysis and identification of the documents to be submitted.

Accounting review

With a wealth of expertise in complex accounting and data analysis, ability to perform an accounting review.