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Our credo: so that your company can progress and develop, we support you on a daily basis whatever the problems faced and the steps to be taken. Our firm is based on values of reactivity, recognized skills and quality of execution.

Eunomia Audit, a firm of Chartered Accountants and Auditors registered with the CRCC, the OEC and the Court of Appeal of Aix en Provence, is based in Paris and Nice but available wherever you are.

Whether you are looking for a chartered accountant in Nice or a chartered accountant in Paris, Eunomia Audit will be able to help you!

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The Founder

Nicolas Inglesakis

Nicolas Inglesakis is the founder and director of Eunomia Audit and the co-director of Eunomia Group, which also brings together insurance and services to create a centre of expertise that meets all the needs of companies.

Having been working for 15 years abroard in english speaking environment (London, Tokyo and Singapour) he is also bilingual in english.

Before becoming a chartered accountant, he worked for several years as an information systems engineer, then as a financial controller and accounting production manager in complex environments. These experiences allowed him to develop skills in accounting production and reporting, reinforced by an MBA allowing a solid support in business management.

Nicolas Inglesakis